TS1306A, TS1306B,

Kraft carries a sense of primitiveness, naturalism and simplicity. As kraft often makes its appearance in everyday life,  such as stationery like notebooks, brown envelopes, wrapping paper, etc, which matches perfectly with TACS's simple notion, thus kraft has become the creative inspiration of this watch.

The curved dial appears convex when viewed from the side, thus giving the dial a more three-dimensional sense.

There is no time markings on the watch dial, instead there are only some familiar carton box symbols appearing the nine o'clock position, so as to accentuate the kraft paper effect. The word “FRAGILE” is also printed playfully on the dial, reminding people to wear the watch with extra care.  

The lugs and the watch position are in irregular shapes, conveying a free-minded and borderless notion, which results in a watch model that is rich in primitive and simplistic design. 

The watch dial is featured in two colors, namely traditional earth yellow kraft pape and grey. No matter it is in terms of textures or colors, both models appear to be a timepiece full of characters.