Digital Trends

2019 - 03

The Tacs Nato-Lens is a watch for those who live life through a camera lens

Watches don’t have to be round. They can be square, oblong, or rectangular, and take their design inspiration from all manner of things. From the astonishing H.R. Giger-inspired Strom watches to the flight-inspired Graham watches, a timepiece is a blank canvas for the creative to fill. That’s what Japanese watch brand Tacs did with the AVL II — an automatic watch that took its key design elements from classic cameras.

Now Tacs is back with the Nato-Lens, a second watch that recalls camera design, only this time it’s smaller, easier to wear and live with, and cheaper. That’s a tempting list of benefits, and I’ve been wearing one ahead of its official retail launch. What do I think? It’s a geeky, playful fashion accessory that you’ll want to wear.