Mask Player Automatic

Mask Player Re-Edition Collection


The original Mask Player, powered by a quartz movement, was first released in 2010. Its architectural half-face design and concept caught the eye of many watch enthusiasts that it quickly became the brand’s fastest selling watch.

Fast forward to today, Mask Player (Quartz) has gone out of stock for quite some time, while with no plan to reproduce the original in the future, TACS decides to bring back one of its most popular watches this summer with multiple design and technical upgrades.


Part of Mask Player’s appeal is its mysterious design that touches down on the issue of identity construction. The watch face features an unique half-moon structure casting over the left side like a partial face mask and a multi-layer dial that offers a refreshing way of telling time.

The architectural design taps on the concept of the double life, the self-constructed roles that we lead and play in this digital age. Just like time, your identities are very much what you make of them. The re-edition continues to explore self-identity in a space and time where life online and life in real life become more and more intricate.

Which parts of yourself can you comfortably present to the world? Are the ‘you’ others perceived consistent with your true self?


Available in 3 stylish color options, the new Japan-made Mask Player Automatic is upgraded with a CITIZEN automatic movement.

The mask structure on the left side of the watch face now features a small half-moon shaped cut-out that gives a glimpse of the open heart surrounded by the revolving minute and hour ring. The latitude of Tokyo can be seen on the mask in honour of the brand’s Japanese roots.

Constructed with a push and pull crown, a stylish 42mm stainless steel case with multi-finishings and a transparent case back, the re-edition is made for those with a modern and dynamic lifestyle.

Phantom Black

The Phantom Black(TS2101A) limited re-edition takes on a modern monochrome approach that is elevated by multi-finishing through the use of sandblasting technique, the 42mm case is completed with a cool matte effect, while the bezel opts for a glossy finish. The (black) Mask Player is limited to 500 pieces at (price) with edition number engraving.

Ash Blue

The Ash Blue(TS2101B) version offers a pop of sporty colors with a pair of ash blue discs and a red second hand housed inside a matte stainless steel case. The watch is completed with a light brown Horween leather strap for optimal comfort.

Pyrite Gold

The Pyrite Gold (TS2101C) version features an exclusive gold-tone movement paired with a matching stainless steel case and second hand. The minimal black and white watch face and dark brown Horween leather straps provide a balanced aesthetic for everyday use.


Mechanical Movement
Skeleton Multi-layer Dial
See Through Case Back
316L Stainless Steel
3D Half Face Construction
Made in Japan
K1 Glass
Quick Change
Luminous (Phantom Black Only)
Special Packing