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Plane simplicity

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Inspiration Without point, line, plane, where would we find dimensions in our lives?
Inspired by the point, line, pane concept, PLP is a watch with no hand for Second, instead there is a rhombus-shaped dial that says “Hour” and a Minute hand, the two represent the concept of point, line and plane.
A simple concept creates endless possibilities.
Description The movement comes with only the hour and minute hands. The hour hand is represented by a graphic and a print of “Hour” mark. This design isn’t only unconventional but it also helps us to read the watch.
Description With Italian genuine leather strap, wearing the timepiece becomes a soft and comfy experience.
Feature The characteristics of PLP is realized in the representations of minute and hour. The running of time generates endless possibilities of the timepiece.

Model Weight Movement Battery life TS1701 63g Quartz MIYOTA GL26 36 months Size Thickness Material Crystal Crown Case back Water resistant 42mm 9.4mm 316L stainless steel Anti-scratch glass Pull / push 4 pcs screw 5ATM CASE Type Color Hands Single layer Blue / white Disc hour hand /linear minute hand DIAL Type Material Length Width Max size Min size Buckle Leather Genuine leather 120 x 75mm 24 x 18mm 185mm 130mm Black / steel STRAP Model

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