The Founder

TACS is a brand that adheres to a very important philosophy: design should be simple, minimalistic and pure. This traditional approach to watchmaking stems from the perfectionist ideals of TACS’ founder, Motegi San. His vision was to make timepieces that captured the essence of unique ideas, turning them into a thought-provoking designs that looked appealing while remaining functional.

Design Inspriation

TACS timepieces are for those who can appreciate the artistic beauty in simplicity and see the deeper meaning behind a story that challenges you to find it. We believe that minimalistic design and simplicity is not dull, but is rather the purest form of design. We carve away the noise and clutter of everyday drudgery and create timepieces that focus on what’s truly important. Taking elements from lifestyles around us, we distil them into a concise form of expression that only those who see the elegance and beauty in minimalism will truly appreciate.


Tea Time:
Inspired by the calm and inviting atmosphere of a homely café, the Tea Time Collection features watch designs that are comfortable and relaxed.

Hobby Time:
The Hobby Time Collection borrows elements from popular hobbies and blends them seamlessly into stunning timepieces.

Fun Time:
Telling the time does not have to be dull and boring. Our timepieces in this collection evoke an emotional response from the wearer that encourages them to live life to the fullest and get the most from each moment.