TACS is a brand that adheres to a very important philosophy: design should be simple, minimalistic and pure. This traditional approach to watchmaking stems from the perfectionist ideals of TACS’ founder, Motegi San. His vision was to make timepieces that captured the essence of unique ideas, turning them into a thought-provoking designs that looked appealing while remaining functional.

In year 2010, TACS was officially launched at Basel World in Switzerland.

Our timepieces focus on aspects of lifestyle that allow you to proudly own what you stand for. Our designs are uninhibited and free-spirited, encouraging you to wear your personality on your wrist. By having a unique story to each of our watches, you can discover which pieces resonate most with you and have them fit in perfectly with your fashion sense and way of life. 

TACS is a Japanese watch company founded on a few basic principles. The brand name stands for


These four pillars are the core by which we are inspired to design, create and innovate. The timepieces that TACS produces are all rooted in lifestyle and things around us. We take elements of everyday life and infuse them into unique timepieces with simple, yet creative designs. Our watches are always comfortable, practical and understated. We believe that great design does not need to be flashy or showy, but rather speaks for itself through elegant, minimalistic design. Every single one of our watches tells a unique story which we invite you to uncover by taking a look at our fresh, new collections.