Your Lifestyle Watch


Our timepieces focus on aspects of lifestyle that allow you to proudly own what you stand for. Our designs are uninhibited and free-spirited, encouraging you to wear your personality on your wrist. By having a unique story to each of our watches, you can discover which pieces resonate most with you and have them fit in perfectly with your fashion sense and way of life.

Telling the time does not have to be dull and boring. Our timepieces in this collection evoke an emotional response from the wearer that encourages them to live life to the fullest and get the most from each moment.

Each and every Fun Time watch has a unique lifestyle theme that makes reading the time an enjoyable occasion. Each design is deceivingly simple, yet totally new and fresh. This collection is all about embracing your lifestyle in a fun way!

The Hobby Time Collection borrows elements from popular hobbies and blends them seamlessly into stunning timepieces. We have taken inspiration from a range of electronic products to craft timepieces that encourage wearers to go outdoors, explore and be active.

Our aim with this collection is to capture the essence of what makes a hobby great and infuse it into a timepiece that is beautiful, thought-provoking and completely you.

Inspired by the calm and inviting atmosphere of a homely café, the Tea Time Collection features watch designs that are comfortable and relaxed. We wanted these particular watch designs to invoke pleasant memories and exude a calm ambiance.

Each design is unique, but not too extreme, allowing for the comforting feel of ‘tea time’ to be expressed perfectly on your wrist.

Our newest timepiece is a beautiful blend of sophistication, style and suave design that ensures you always look cool; even in the heat of summer.

Check this out our ladies' choice.